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Friday, April 1, 2011

Please join us to walk in Downtown Logan April 2nd

We will be walking Saturday April 2nd in the Downtown Logan area.  There is not set time or start or finish point.  We just want one location for all of us to come and show our blue and our support for Worldwide Autism Awareness Day.  Many of the children were given glow bracelets and we felt it would be great to take walks as a family at night and let our light shine for everyone driving by.  Please join us.  The more our blue is noticed the more people will desire to learn more about Autism this month.  The rate is 1 in 110 in the 1970's it was 1 in 10000.  We need treatments, we need acceptance, we need awareness, and mostly we just need to find a place for these 1 in 110 to fit in our society and live a fulfilling life.

Also let USU know how excited we are for their support in lighting the A for us on Saturday night.

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